Monday, April 21, 2014

Medical Adventures: 1 Year Follow Up

It has now been a year since my cancer scare which means it was time for my ultrasound and blood work follow ups. Spoilers: All is good.

Ultrasound was last week. The tech was either new or just not good with people. She managed to get that gel all over my shirt and say stuff like, "It looks bigger which is good because that means it is shrinking." I got my blood work done on Wednesday, which was better this time. Last time the nurse just stabbed me and rooted around in my arm until she hit something.

My original endocrinologist moved to California because her husband's job relocated him. I met with my new doctor this morning. He seems nice and he runs early. I got there 15 minutes early (because I am crazy like that) and they came and got me within 5 minutes.

Blood work is perfectly medium which is good since before it was high. He said if I continued to lose weight he may need to make adjustments. Therefore, I need to continue to check my blood every 3 months.

The three of the four little buggers that are all smooth and nice have not changed in any way in the last year. One is slightly bigger, but not enough to warrant another needle biopsy. The one little bugger that got me stabbed in the neck last time because it was not like the others is slightly smaller. Therefore, he decided to make it every 2 years for a biopsy instead of every year. I do need to still see him every year just to check in or if I have any changes in symptoms or seem more jittery.

By and by, all is good and continue doing what I am doing.

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