Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Blog Cleaning

I reorganized my blog a bit. It was totally accidental. I went on to change one thing, which was the background photo.

The background photo is actually one I took. This was a far more difficult undertaking than I thought it would be. Between the tiling and width differences, it took many tries to get it right. MANY TRIES. However, I am pretty happy with it. It was from walking around downtown Seattle snapping random pics for my History of Photography final.

Of course, it was a black and white photo so I felt the colors had to be changed to match. My signature blue color scheme felt weird. Once that was changed, the fonts all looked weird to me. I am terrible at design. I just don't have that skill to know what I want. I had to look through every single font before making a decision. I would be a terrible client for someone doing this for me.

I vaguely remembered a few people complaining about the comments section. I tweaked a few things in there so that should be easier.

It was then that I realized it has been a while since I checked the links to my friend's blogs and websites. I got rid of a few links that haven't been updated in the last two years. I added a blog by my friend, Theresa, called "Transitional Beauty." It is what she went through to get her Masters in Art from the same grad school I am attending. You should totally check it out. It is well written and has cool paintings. Also, if you want to laugh, read "Ideological Activities of a Cranky Yankee" by my friend, Susan (whom I call "Zens"). An example of her blog is Skynet & You, which is what happens when you leave you laptop open and have a cat. All of these links are to the right.

I guess linking to places where I am on the web is a thing people are supposed to do. I had no links to any of the social media sites that I am on. Whoops. So that's done.

Those links pushed down my "Who writes this?" section. The photo in there was terribly out of date as was the description that went with it. I picked what I thought was the best picture for this blog. I took it as part of an assignment for my portraiture class last fall.

Meanwhile, four hours have passed and it snowed.

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