Sunday, May 20, 2012

W T F ? seems that I keep thinking that I am going to keep my blog up once school is in full force and then it trails off and I end up back here apologizing and promising not to do it again. School is now done until Fall. So there's that.

You may have noticed I changed the background* or you may not have. Either way, I gave it a fresh new look for summer.

I have plans for the summer. Summer being a time to do things. Things that I have been thinking about doing. Doing these things and blogging about them. Them is the plan. Okay, that pattern kind of petered out. Petering out being the thing I tend to do with my blogging.

So there's that.

Stand by for future posts from me. Well, sit by for future posts. Well, wander away and check back later. Would you believe I think I'll be back soon?

*By the way, the background picture is NOT one of mine. It is one of the standard ones.

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