Sunday, May 20, 2012

Resolutions 2012 - 6 Weeks Left To Go

So here are the 10 resolutions that my family and friends came up for me (in no particular order):

Photography Category:
  • Start setting up a portfolio website and professional presence (Not started yet, but I plan on doing this over the summer)
  • Make/Customize a photo bag for my camera (Done!)
Health Category:
  • Take a yoga class - once a week (I went about 4 times and then school/work interrupted me. Planning on doing this again this summer)
  • Eat a prepared meal - once a week - that I have not eaten before (counts if it is at a sit down restaurant) (Meh - About 50/50 about this)
Travel Category:
  • Three trips - one needs to be someone I have never been and one needs to be out of state. It can be day trips, but needs to be over 60 miles one way. (Nope, not even close)
Reading Category:
  • 25 Books (50 for the year) and 25% of books on the BBC list of Must Read Books (With a month to go - 26 books and at exactly 25% of the BBC list)
Misc. Category:
  • Have a mani/pedi once a month (3 months out of 5 on this)
  • Go to the make-up counter at a department store and get a make-over (Still need to do this, but found a friend to go with me)
  • Get 2 haircuts from an actual hairstylist (Done!)
  • Buy & wear two dress casual outfits that I wear outside of work (Purchased a dress which counts for partial credit)
I still have until the end of June to get back on schedule with these. Then come July 1st, the list for the second half of the year kicks in.

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