Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Resolution Follow Up - Week #9

Some of the resolutions were weekly so here is how I am doing so far after night weeks.

Health Category:
  • Take a yoga class - once a week

I suck. I still haven't been to the gym. My cold is almost completely gone now, but it hung on to the end of last week. I did go on a walk/hike that was 2.8 miles on Sunday so I should get a half a point credit for that.

  • Eat a prepared meal - once a week - that I have not eaten before (counts if it is at a sit down restaurant)
After the hike, we went to an Irish Pub in Magnolia. It had amazing Shepherd's Pie and decent Irish soda bread. I would totally go back.

Reading Category:
  • 25 Books (50 for the year) and 25% of books on the BBC list of Must Read Books
  • Running total: 18/25 Books (7/6 of the BBC books)
"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card. It completely lived up to the hype. Once I get caught up on other books, I will definitely circle back to read more of the series. I approve of the casting for the movie coming out next year. However, I think it is insanely controversial to do.

On deck for next week: "Heat Rises" by Richard Castle (3rd Nikki Heat book from ABC's "Castle")

Photography Category
  • Make/Customize a photo bag for my camera

I have found my idea camera bag at Target of all places. I will post more details later, but it is not an actual camera bag. I need to go to the foam store to trick it out a bit. I did sew two patches on it to make it more mine. Once the foam is cut and set, I will take pictures of it. I am also debating on putting another patch on it or not. It is a black bag and a lot of my patches are blue and brown so it doesn't look all that great. Thankfully, Emerald City Comicon is coming up and I can pick up more badges there.

Thus concludes my ninth week's update on my Resolutions for 2012. See you again next week!

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