Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resolution Follow Up - Week #2

Some of the resolutions were weekly so here is how I am doing so far after two weeks.

Health Category:
  • Take a yoga class - once a week

Second class went much better. I hid in the back of the class this time. I also talked with the teacher afterward. I asked for some exercises to help unclench my back. I also told her that I have a hard time putting too much weight on my wrists. She said that over time they will get stronger and I will get lighter so just do as best I can. Additionally, while cleaning, I found some yoga flash cards that I bought sometime during 2004.

  • Eat a prepared meal - once a week - that I have not eaten before (counts if it is at a sit down restaurant)

I took the leftover onions, green & red peppers and mushrooms and stir-fried them with some chicken marinated in Italian dressing. It was quite tasty.

Reading Category:
  • 25 Books (50 for the year) and 25% of books on the BBC list of Must Read Books

My second book of the year (and first off the BBC list) was "Little Women" by Louisa M Alcott. Extremely girly, but good. Not enough to make me read the sequels, though. It made me look up the episode of "Friends" where Joey reads it. "Beth's sick. Jo's there, but I don't think she can do anything."

Thus concludes my second week's update on my Resolutions for 2012. See you again next week!


Rachel Helms said...

Congrats Kathy! Great Update!

Rachel Helms said...

Great update Kathy. Happy yoga was a better experience this time.