Monday, January 16, 2012

Doctor Who Recap

As a fan, I decided to log my personal favorite episodes of Doctor Who since it relaunched. This is upon reviewing each episode multiple times. I'll mark the season and episode number so you know where to find it.

  1. The Doctor's Wife (S6, E4)
  2. Blink (S3, E11)
  3. The Girl in the Fireplace (S2, E5)
  4. Midnight (S4, E11)
  5. Vincent and the Doctor (S5, E10)
  6. The Fires of Pompeii (S4, E3)
  7. Family of Blood (S3, E10)
  8. Dalek (S1, E6)
  9. Journey's End (S4,E14)
  10. The Stolen Earth (S4, E13)
  11. Turn Left (S4, E12)
  12. Doomsday (S2, E14)
  13. Army of Ghosts (S2, E13)
  14. The Eleventh Hour (S5, E1)
  15. Tooth & Claw (S2, E3)
  16. School Reunion (S2, E4)
  17. Closing Time (S6, E12)
  18. Silence in the Library (S4, E9)
  19. Forest of the Dead (S4, E10)
  20. A Good Man Goes to War (S6, E7)
  21. Let's Kill Hitler (S6, E8)
  22. Planet of the Ood (S4, E4)
  23. Voyage of the Damned (S4, E1)
  24. Utopia (S3, E12)
  25. Bad Wolf (S1, E12)
  26. Parting of the Ways (S1, E13)
  27. Human Nature (S3, E9)
  28. The End of Time (Special 4)
  29. Time of the Angels (S5, E4)
  30. Flesh and Stone (S5, E5)
  31. The Shakespeare Code (S3, E3)
  32. The Sound of Drums (S3, E13)
  33. The Unquiet Dead (S1, E3)
  34. The Impossible Astronaut (S6, E1)
  35. Day of the Moon (S6, E2)
  36. The Wedding of River Song (S6, E13)
  37. The Unicorn and the Wasp (S4, E8)
  38. The Vampires of Venice (S5, E6)
  39. The Doctor's Daughter (S4,E7)
  40. Smith and Jones (S3, E2)
  41. The Pandorica Opens (S5, E12)
  42. The Big Bang (S5, E13)
  43. A Christmas Carol (Special 5)
  44. The Lodger (S5, E11)
  45. The Sontaran Stratagem (S4,E5)
  46. The Poison Sky (S4, E6)
  47. The Christmas Invasion (s2, E1)
  48. The Runaway Bride (S3, E1)
  49. The Beast Below (S5, E2)
  50. The End of the World (S1, E2)
  51. The Doctor Dances (S1, E10)
  52. The Curse of the Black Spot (S5, E3)
  53. Victory of the Daleks (S5, E3)
  54. New Earth (S2, E2)
  55. The Long Game (S1, E7)
  56. Last of the Time Lords (S3, E14)
  57. The Empty Child (S1, E9)
  58. Waters of Mars (Special 3)
  59. The God Complex (S6, E11)
  60. Rise of the Cybermen (S2, E6)
  61. Age of Steel (S2, E7)
  62. Love and Monsters (S2, E11)
  63. The Girl Who Waited (S6, E10)
  64. Rose (S1, E1)
  65. Gridlock (S3, E4)
  66. Amy's Choice (S5, E7)
  67. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe (Special 6)
  68. Father's Day (S1, E8)
  69. Fear Her (S2, E12)
  70. Night Terrors (S6, E9)
  71. The Idiot's Lantern (S2, E8)
  72. Boom Town (S1, E11)
  73. Aliens of London (S1, E4)
  74. World War Three (S1, E5)
  75. The Rebel Flesh (S6, E5)
  76. The Almost People (S6, E6)
  77. 42 (S3, E8)
  78. Lazarus Experiment (S3, E7)
  79. The Impossible Planet (S2, E9)
  80. The Satan Pit (S2, E10)
  81. Daleks in Manhattan (S3, E5)
  82. Evolution of the Daleks (S3, E6)
  83. The Next Doctor (Special 1)
  84. Planet of the Dead (Special 2)
  85. The Hungry Earth (S5, E8)
  86. Cold Blood (S5, E9)
And further preferences...Doctors:
1. 10th Doctor (David Tennant)
2. 11th Doctor (Matt Smith)
3. 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

1. Donna Noble (S4)
2. Rose Tyler (S1, S2)
3. Amy Pond & Rory Williams (S5-S6)
4. Martha Jones (S3)

Re-Occurring Characters:

1. TARDIS aka "Sexy" (S1-6)
2. River Song (S4-S6)
3. Captain Jack Hartness (S1-S4)
4. Sarah Jane Smith (S2-S4)
5. Harriet Jones (S1-S4)
6. Wilfred Noble (S4)
7. K-9 (S2 & S4)
8. Mickey Smith (S1-4)
9. Jackie Tyler (S1-S2)
10. Pete Tyler (S1-S2)
11. Martha Jones' Family (S3)
12. Donna's Mother (S4)

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