Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolution Follow Up - Week #3

Some of the resolutions were weekly so here is how I am doing so far after three weeks.

**Valid Excuse: Seattle got hit with a massive snow storm. I've been stuck in the house from Wednesday to Saturday. **

Health Category:
  • Take a yoga class - once a week

I wasn't able to make it to yoga or the gym at all this week. I did use my flash cards and tried to stretch a little.

  • Eat a prepared meal - once a week - that I have not eaten before (counts if it is at a sit down restaurant)

When I stocked up on food, I found some pre-cooked chicken tenders in the freezer section. I made a honey mustard sauce and severed it over spinach with some fresh mushrooms. It will be added to the regular rotation. I also went to a sushi place I have been wanting to try in Northgate.

Reading Category:
  • 25 Books (50 for the year) and 25% of books on the BBC list of Must Read Books
  • Running total: 4/25 Books (1/6 of the BBC books)

I actually read two books this week. I finished "The Nerdist Way" by Chris Hardwick. It is kind of a self help book for geeks/nerds. I started it a while ago, but finished the last half of the book while imprisoned in my snugly warm apartment. The second was a collection of David Sedaris essays called "Barrel Fever and other stories." It was relatively short, but solid writing as is always the case the his writing.

I have a few books reserved at the library for next week. It all depends on which one gets transferred first.

Photography Category:

  • Make/Customize a photo bag for my camera
I actually found the pattern for the bag from a place here in Seattle that makes sporting gear. I'll be able to get all the material there as well. Time got cut short on Monday due to the threat of snow so I haven't gone to the store yet, but it is all scouted out. It is actually an inflight diaper bag that has all the compartments and is the right size I am looking for.

Misc. Category:
  • Have a mani/pedi once a month

When to a place here in Green Lake. I got the mani/pedi, but only got nail polish for my fingers. A nice clear so when they chip it won't be as noticeable. They did a good job, but they only took cash so I had to leave my Kindle Fire while I ran off to get cash two blocks away.

Thus concludes my third week's update on my Resolutions for 2012. See you again next week!

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