Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recommendation: Girl Gets Action

"Girl Gets Action: When you're looking for some chick on flick action."

This brand new blog is written by a girl who describes herself in her about me section this way:

One of my favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes (and there are many) comes from Xander in S3. “Men like sports. Men watch the action movie. They eat of the beef, and they enjoy to look at the bosoms.” Pretty good key takeaways about men, but it’s a favorite quote because it also applies to me. Football, sci-fi, action flicks, comic books, tater tots, strip clubs, scotch (neat) and a good steak rubbed with blue cheese would all be on the agenda for my perfect day. Trust me… I’m all girl where and when it counts, but why should guys get to have all the fun?

Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm sure you want to check out the link now just based on that so here you go: GIRL GETS ACTION

This began in November and so far past blogs include: a chronicle of her watching all the Rocky movies, her views on Mickey Rourke, football (fair warning - she is a Patriots fan) and boobs in movies (the girly parts not the idiots). Her writing is intelligent, funny and has oodles of style.

She is a phenomenally good friend of mine. I have witnessed her three TV Sunday football watching, I was there for her rant when "Angel" ended and lent her my "Danger Girls" trade paperback which has boobies, action, comedy and more boobies.

I look forward to her future posts and hope you do too. Enjoy!

Oh and if you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do that here: twitter.com/girlgetsaction

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