Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts and one thing that keeps popping up is workflow. I thought I would document the steps I go through at this moment with my photos. This way I have a record and I can point and laugh at it later when it changes.

  1. Take pictures of an event.
  2. Transfer all images from memory card into the computer on my external drive (1TB). Name documents as they import: Date_My Name_Name of Event_computer generated number
  3. Create a folder with the name of the event.
  4. Create a sub-folder in that event called "Originals"
  5. Copy all the photos into "Originals. "
  6. Go back to the first set and look at all the photos. Delete the crap and change the direction to vertical as needed.
  7. Cut and paste the surviving photos to My Photos on my desktop.
  8. Open Picasa and watch the photos upload automatically.
  9. Create an online album with event name on my Picasa web album site.
  10. Go through each photo and crop, color correct, fix red eye, sharpen, contrast correct, change to b&w, etc. as needed.
  11. Export each photo once it is done to the external hard drive in the event folder.
  12. Upload each photo into the web album when it is done.
  13. If working for a specific event, upload images on their FTP server. Name photos if event needs titles before uploading.
  14. Email organizer that photos are done and uploaded on their FTP server.
  15. Once all photos are complete, delete all the photos out of My Pictures on my desktop.
  16. Empty trash.
  17. Go to web albums and put photos in order.
  18. Open facebook and upload the photos into an album.
  19. Organize them in the album and tag anyone who needs to be tagged.
  20. Email anyone from the event who requested a photo or wanted to know when the photos would be up.
  21. Put memory card back in camera and format the card.
  22. Then later at a random interval, back up the photos on a CD.
Depending on how many photos and how much work each photo needs, this process can take various amounts of time.

I have a feeling this will be vastly different as I learn more programs and figure out better ways to spend less time on the back end of this process. I just thought this might be a nice record of events before starting school.

I did leave a few things out like "Marvel at how much better the photos came out then I thought," "get depressed that all the photos are crap and want to go back and re-shoot the whole thing," "wait desperately for people to comment or like photos on facebook," "marvel at what photos seem to be liked," "wait for event organizer to tell me photos are crap," "be surprised with any comment or email that doesn't rip my photos to shreds," "go back a month later and think about how much crap all my photos are" and "regret deleting the photos on the memory card even though there is no earthly reason why I should worry about that."

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