Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Past Year in Netflix (Television)

Here are the television shows and mini-series that I've watched in the past year

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor, Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars & Doctor Who: The End of Time
After Season 4, there were a few single episodes that were the Doctor traveling on his own without a companion. The End of Time was the last thing that David Tennant did before handing the series over the new Doctor, Matt Smith. All three were good and it was an appropriate send off for Tennant. However, none of them were as good as Season 4.

The Catherine Tate Show: Series 1
BBC sketch comedy show of Catherine Tate who played Donna Noble on Season 4 of Doctor Who. She is quite funny, but one season of this was enough for me.

The Venture Brothers: Season 3
Animated series on Cartoon Network. Funny as always.

Entourage: Season 3-5
HBO original series. Maintaining the same quality. Show is good. I'll keep watching, but in no hurry to rush out to see the next season right away.

Middlemarch (BBC mini-series)
Meh. Not Jane Austen.

Empire Falls (HBO mini-series)
Great cast including: Ed Harris, Helen Hunt, Paul Newman, Aidan Quinn, Joanne Woodward, Robin Wright Penn and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Based on a book, but just okay. Nothing special at all.

Extras: Season 1, 2 & Finale (Complete Series)
HBO series by Ricky Gervais. Has great cameos and a lot of funny moments, but overall just okay. It does have my favorite line by Clive Owen ever. Here is the whole scene:

Rome: Season 1 & 2 (Complete Series)
Awesome HBO series. Did a great job spanning historic moments of the Roman Empire through the eyes of two Roman soldiers. The only two ordinary soldiers the Julius Caesar mentioned by name in his journals.

Hamish MacBeth: Series 1-3 (Complete Series)
BBC series from the late '90s following a local policeman in a small Scottish town. Very funny.

The Wire: Seasons 1-5 (Complete Series)
If there ever was a series that should be required viewing for every American, this would be it. Written by a former Baltimore homicide detective and former writer for the Baltimore Sun. Each season was about a different aspect of the inner-city. Well written and great actors/characters.

Flight of the Concords: Season 1-2 (Complete Series)
HBO series. I tried to like this. I really did. I like the music, but the comedy in between was just meh. This was my favorite song:

My Name is Earl: Season 1
It was a cute show, but after one season, I didn't feel the need to keep watching. Jason Lee was great as always.

Fortunes of War (BBC Mini-Series)
Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson did this when they were first married. It was good, but nothing special. Breaks the heart to know they aren't together anymore.

Eureka: Season 1
Good series. No need to rush out and get caught up, but would go back to it at a later day.

MI-5: Series 6-7
BBC series about the British version of the FBI. Every episode is action packed. Highly recommend.

Doctor Who: Season 5
Another new Doctor starts with new companions. I was leery, but the new Doctor is worthy. I have a theory about River Song, but I'll put that in another post. River was introduced in season 4 and highly suggested that in the Doctor's future, he marries her. She is a great character.

So we're now all caught up. I've been watching more TV shows than movies so "This Week In Netflix" will more likely become "This Month In Netflix" especially once school starts.

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