Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Television & Me

In preparations for going back to school, I need to re-prioritize my time spent on watching television. I still need some amusements to be sure or else I could go more insane than usual.

To that effect, I'm not picking up any new shows. To be honest, I don't think I am really missing anything. Should something be the next new awesome thing, I can always catch it when it comes out on DVD. Plus I've had my heart broken by too many shows that only lasted a season (Firefly, Studio 60, Kings, Flash Forward, etc.). I do want to watch Broadwalk, but it automatically defaults to Netflix since I don't have cable.

So let's go through my shows and see what's what:

Burn Notice - I'll keep that on Hulu since it only airs a handful episodes at at time.
Castle - Non-negotiable. Must watch as it airs. Any Nathan Fillion show automatically has priority.
Chuck - I watched the first 5 episodes of this season on Hulu, but I am going to bump it to Netflix.
Dexter - Has and will continue to be watched only on Netflix.
Doctor Who - already just on Netflix due to lack of streaming.
Entourage - already just on Netflix due to lack of streaming.
Grey's Anatomy - Guilty Pleasure. I'm keeping it on Hulu.
House - Too good to miss. Every season has been awesome and this one is no different. Stays on Hulu.
Justified - I really like this show. Timothy Olyphant is awesome, but if something has to Netflix it is.
Lie To Me - No way. Must keep on Hulu. Show is bloody brilliant.
Mad Men - Has been moved to the Netflix list.
The Office - I dropped that last season. It jumped the shark.
Psych - Sadly, an easy one to give up entirely. Nothing compelling to keep me watching any more.
South Park - All episodes are available at anytime on their website so I can watch whenever.
V - I'm only going to watch the episodes my friend Cat worked on. Then it's gone.
Warehouse 13 - I still like it, but it will go to Netflix.

That's actually pretty weeded out already with Battlestar Gallactica, Lost, Dollhouse, Sarah Conner Chronicles and Flash Forward ending. So down to 5 and change hours of television weekly and the rest will be when I can get to them on Netflix.

Plus there are some shows I never picked up like any of the Law & Orders, CSIs, anything on CBS, no reality shows or 30 Rock.

It seems like a lot, but I actually have dropped a lot over the last year. Daily Show and Colbert Report came down off of Hulu and that freed up an hour. I haven't seen Top Chef since I left LA. Without having regular television, I don't accidentally get sucked into new shows. I really have to seek them out on Hulu and commit to watching it.

I can take another look at the list once school starts and see how much time it is going to suck up. Grey's and Lie to Me will most likely be the first causalities.

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