Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Doctor Who Theory

This post is only for Doctor Who fans that have watched through the end of Season 5 of Doctor Who. It's my theory and I could be completely wrong. If you are not caught up or don't watch the show, you can just skip this post entirely because it won't make any sense at all.

My Theory: River Song and Amy Pond are the same person. They have been trying to mislead us that River is actually a Time Lord, but I think that is just a red herring.

I have a few reasons for believing this. In no particular order....

  • River and Pond are both aquatic names
  • Amy's job before traveling with the doctor was doing kissograms. River uses hallucinogenic lipstick to get out of trouble (or in, depending on how you look at it).
  • River asks Donna who she is, but doesn't ask Amy when they first meet.
  • River gives Amy the blank journal to trigger her memories of the Doctor. When she remembers him, he returns. They didn't show the pages filling in and why would River's journal trigger Amy's memories. Amy now has a blank journal that is later owned by River.
  • River's history is often out of order. She is imprisoned in the 54th century when she leaves for the Pandorica. However, later when she meets them earlier for the battle with the Weeping Angels, she was imprisoned centuries before. This clearly shows that she doesn't have a set time that she resides in.
  • River tells the Doctor that he will soon know who she is and it will change everything. Amy being River would fall into that category.
  • River is imprisoned for killing "A very good man. Best man I've ever known". Possibly Rory?
  • Amy and River are both feisty, outspoken and speak to the Doctor in the same tone.
  • Amy and River both work together to destroy the Fez happily
  • Last, but not least, my fellow Doctor Who fan, Shelby, noticed they both wear the same watch (as seen below).

This is my theory and I'll be curious to see how it all plays out. However, if I am wrong, I trust that the show will continue to be awesome.



Miranda said...

I stumbled upon this completely randomly but I totally agree with all of this. It's like it's been staring us in the face the whole time! ESPECIALLY the fact that the names River and Pond are sooo similar. Moffat has practically said there have been so many hints of to who River really is, most of which we have not picked up on and instead been distracted by the idea of her being his wife. Which it could turn out to be also. It just seems so obvious now you've put everything together. I also have a few things to add to this:
- People have said how River knows so much, like how to fly the TARDIS and old high gallifreyan so must be a timelord or something similar. But the doctor is always saying this: 'Amy Pond is not an ordinary girl. Grew up with a time crack in her wall, the universe pouring through her dreams every night.' Surely all this information has been put into her mind without her knowing.
- Remember when Amy told the Doctor why she changed her name? 'Bit fairy tale'. And the doctor said to river talking about the pandorica: 'That's a fairy tale' and River says 'Aren't we all?'

This just perfectly fits into it being a great surprise for many people, one of those 'of course!' moments and overall an amazing plot twist. Oh I can't wait for the revelation, I sure hope we're right! :)

elfennau said...

I could almost buy this. Almost. Except: Amy now has a blank journal that is later owned by River. No. At the end of the episode, the Doctor gives River the journal back, saying "The writing's all back but I didn't peek." So Amy doesn't have the journal at all, River has it still. The journal was empty when Amy had it not because it was new, but because nothing that had been in it had ever happened at that point.

Still, the rest of it really does make me think.