Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolutions 2009

They say that publishing your New Year's Resolutions help pressure you into accomplishing them. I've done this in years past and it does seem to help, however, every year I end up having the same ones on there so maybe it doesn't work after all. I have learned that making grand statements like "Lose XX pounds" doesn't really work unless you breakdown how with littler resolutions that are easier to actually do and seem all the less overwhelming. So with that in mind here are my resolutions for 2009:

1. Health/Fitness
- If there is the option of taking the stairs or the elevator, stairs must be taken (exception: if bringing up groceries)
- 3 months of swimming 3x a week
- (1) 30-60 min walk a week
- 5K walk/run in May
- Log keeping track of status must be kept
- Re-evaluate progress in June to figure next steps
- Make lunch every day
- Take vitamins
- Eat breakfast
- No eating after 8p
- In bed by 11:30p

2. Finances
- No more Starbucks
- No eating out at all in January
- $20 a week into savings
- Once credit cards are down to below 50%, ask for lower APR
- Use majority of any tax refund to pay down credit cards
- Get loan paid down to half

3. Personal Advancement
- Cook one new recipe a week
- Read at least a few pages from a book every day
- No TV after 11pm
- Make bed everyday
- Go out to the movies once a week (must try new movie theaters)
- Watch one new TED video a week
- Give Blood every 3 months
- Be a better blogger by blogging on time and more variety
- Explore Seattle more

4. Random Things I Need to Do
- Get a couch
- Get a professional level camera
- Change my cell phone to a Seattle number
- Get Washington plates (more complicated than it seems)
- Get basic cable because of the digital conversion

5. Projects
- Scan photos that don't have digital versions
- Print digital photos out
- Frame photos
- Hang posters
- Decorate apartment

One of the websites I read ( had an article that lists all the scifi ways people can lose weight: Fantastical Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

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