Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Threatdown: Butterflies

For the Stephen Colbert fans out there, you know that the "Threatdown" is a countdown to things that are threats to America. I would like to have my own "Threatdown" and have just one item on it as the number one threat to civilization.


These insects are the key to unraveling civilization. Why fear little spiders when butterflies cause hurricanes? Apparently, a butterfly's wings can alter a hurricane's path by creating tiny changes in the atmosphere. Not to mention time travel. If you kill or harm a butterfly while travel back in time you can create a time paradox and alter the course of human history.

Recently, in "Heroes" one character that can time travel mentions that he has messed up the future because in the past he has "stepped on too many butterflies." This made me realize all the butterfly references there are. They are directly linked to chaos theory and an Ashton Kusher movie. This are not good things.

So stop fearing good little spider creatures like "Charlotte" when butterflies are the ones you should be keeping an eye out for. Now where are my mason jars?

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