Thursday, October 9, 2008

Supernatural: Metamorphosis

Tonight on the CW (check local listings), an episode of "Supernatural" entitled "Metamorphosis" will be airing. This particular episode was written by my good friend, Cat aka Cathyrn Humphris.

Here is the description from the "Supernatural" wikipedia:

Sam and Dean encounter a man with a mysterious infection that transforms him into a flesh-eating monster called a rougarou. Dean follows Sam and learns about his new found demon exorcising skills. Dean also meets up with Ruby. Dean informs Sam that he has to stop using his demon powers of Castiel will do something about it. Meaning god isn't happy with whats going on. Sam thinks the man can be changed through reason to curb his newfound instincts, but Dean believes the most-humane thing to do is to kill him. In the end things get too far so Sam kills him.

It's her first episode for this season. Her previous episodes were: "Dead Man's Blood," "The Usual Suspects," "Born Under a Bad Sign," "Bed Time Stories" and "Dream A Little Dream of Me." Check them out.

UPDATE: gave the episode an "A" and users gave it an "A-"


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