Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TED: Brian Cox and the Hadron Collider

I probably should have posted this last week, but I didn't find it on TED until Friday. Here is a little bit more information on it aside from the end of the world predictions made. Brian Cox has been working on it and explains what they hope to find by doing this experiment.

Unfortunately, the video won't embed right (seems to be some bad code) so here is the link: Brian Cox and the Hadron Super Collider.

Dr. Hawking made a $100 bet they won't find the particle they are hoping to find. How's that for academic support?

Also in recent news, hackers tried hacking into the collider. First, it was global thermal nuclear war and now they want to have the world sucked into a black hole. Don't hackers have better things to do with their time? Also, didn't they see Live Free or Die Hard? Wasn't that a lesson to hackers not to do things that destroy the world?

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