Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That time of the year again..

I usually make big deal out of my birthday (9/28) and have every year despite some really horrible things happening on my birthday (9/28) over the years. This year, however, will be the first birthday (9/28) I won't be celebrating. Between lack of funds and lack of friends out here, this year is going to be very much like any other day.

My first birthday (9/28) in LA was much the same. It was my 21st. I had to work until 10p. Mitch was working. I didn't know where any bars were so I ended up going to the grocery store and buying a Corona and drinking it with left over lasagne alone in my room. However the following weekend a bunch of us did meet in Las Vegas to celebrate properly.

I expect this year's to be much the same as that without the Vegas trip. *sniff*

So, I've just been sitting here thinking about my lack of birthday (9/28) celebrations, flipping the light switches on and off alone in my nearly empty apartment and taking my mind off of it by updating my Amazon wishlist and making sure it is properly prioritized and all that jazz.

My Wish List *cough*

Update: My friend, Cat, is now coming to visit just for the weekend! Hooray! Please do not let that affect any pity you were feeling from the above statements.

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