Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two Guys Drinking At A Bar

As some of you know, my good friend, Mike Nichols, has an internet series called "Two Guys Drinking at a Bar." I was the "Beck and Call Girl" for the shoot which meant I did all the little odds and ends Mike would let me and I get to be in the credits. I took a Monday off from work as a personal day and we shot a ton of episodes in a very short amount of time in a bar in Pasadena.

"Two Guys Drinking at a Bar" is available on both YouTube and iTunes. Watch them from the beginning and all the way to the end of the credits. They aren't very long. There is really no excuse not to. Here is the description by Mike's own hand:

Stars comedy veterans Kevin Farley and Paul Preston in a episodic series created by Mike J. Nichols. Featuring original music by Shane Tassart.

Simple, seemingly uncomplicated comedy layered with social commentaries on media, pop culture and some seriously offbeat twists gives "Two Guys Drinking At A Bar" a welcome push for Internet Television that brings back memories of old school Saturday Night Live laughs.

Recently, Mike has been getting some write ups about them. Here are the links to the reviews of "Two Guys Drinking At A Bar":

"'Two Guys,' The Smart Person's Stupid Show" by Jonathan Hludzinski on

"Friday Fun 'Drinking at a Bar'" by Daisy Whitney on

"More than 'Two Guys Drinking at a Bar'" by Owen Roberts on

"'Two Guys Drinking at a Bar' Parodies Lost, Galactica" by Jenna Wortham on

"'Two Guys Drinking at a Bar' (Galactica style)" by Darth Mojo on

I recommend watching the episodes as well as these articles about them. If for no other reason than to see my name in the credits in all the different variations. Now off you go to the Internets to do some reading/watching.

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