Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Trumpet Sound* Charge.....It!

Before the commercial break, I mentioned about going shopping. While we didn't charge much, I felt Wilma and Betty's shopping cry was an appropriate title.

Just down the street from my place is the Northgate mall. Mom and I went to Bath, Bath and Beyond to get what we could with a gift certificate I had gotten from my friend, Cat. I got a few things including a small fan which has been a life saver since my apartment has no air conditioning.

After that we swung over to Target, and picked up some more items using gift certificates I got in my going away gift from my job. Thankfully, it is close enough to back to school that I got some cheap basic stuff like hangers, ironing board, iron, etc. I had to leave all my hangers behind which was probably a good thing since most of them were wire and you know what they say about wire hangers.

We put everything in the car, went to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then walked into the mall to see what store they had. Torrid (a store I mentioned earlier) is there across from one of my favorite places - Eddie Bauer. I picked up two super soft t-shirts there for $20. I spotted a bunch of stuff I want to come back for when I have income.

The next day we went to Costco to pick a few more things up. We got lost and got a nice tour of the shipping yards of Seattle. I got a cushioned folding chair for $15 which is the only chair in my apartment. Mom had never been to Costco so that was cool to show her the deals plus even more fun when I took her to see Wall-e. Since Costco and Buy'N'Large are pretty much the same. It'll be funny when they sell the DVDs there.

After mom left, I went to check out the Sears. The one down the street is the original Sears in Seattle. It is huge. I got a few things. After walking around the lake, I realized I needed some yoga pants and some way better sneakers. I got those and a pair of black pants for interviews and whatnot. I also found a frog bath mat that matched my bathroom.

Aside from some grocery shopping, the only other place I went shopping was Big Lots. I found a cheap $29.99 computer desk so I could be up off the floor while on the computer. It's pretty basic, but it works until I can afford something better.

And thus ends the shopping I have done and will do until I have some sort of income.

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