Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Last Wednesday in L.A.

Mom and I got up and headed down to Disneyland around 11a. We used two of the passes employees get that don't have blackout dates so we didn't have to pay for either park.

I showed mom the awesomeness that is the cream cheese filled pretzels and we headed over to Haunted Mansion. We hit a few rides, grabbed some corn dogs and headed over to California Adventure. Here we ran into Sully from Monster's Inc. and Wall-E:

Hit all the rides we could go on since mom and I don't do roller coasters. Bug's Life was mom's favorite. We got in line for the new Toy Story ride, but after 25 minutes the ride broke down. We waited in line for another 30 minutes, but gave up and headed back to Disneyland.

We took the train over to Toon Town so mom could meet the main Mouse.

My nephew's birthday was coming up so I got him a Cars card and mailed it from Toon Town so it would have a Disneyland postmark.

We hit a few more rides and got a good spot to watch the fireworks display. Afterwards, we finished with Pirates of the Caribbean ride (which was closed for the first half of the day) and then headed to the shops for mom to get souvenirs for everyone back home. We left around midnight.

After an hour of driving home, I checked my email before bed. Unfortunately, it had some personal drama in it that was rather upsetting. I took a shower to calm down, but it didn't do much good and I didn't end up falling asleep until 6a. I'm not going to share the drama here, but the lack of sleep that ensued is relevant to my final Thursday in L.A.

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