Monday, August 11, 2008

My Last Thursday in LA

Having about two hours of sleep, we got up and headed over to the U-Haul. I had reserved a trailer that could be towed by my little 2002 Saturn SL 2 named "Suzy Q." Pictured below.

This is the medium sized trailer and the biggest one my little car could tow. It's 5x8 and can hold 208 cubic feet worth of stuff.

My friend, Mike, met us at the U-Haul and rented a truck for himself. He took my bed frame and helped our friend, Karen, take my china cabinet, dining room table and my bookcase. I had him rent a dolly to make things easier which it did, thankfully. We got their stuff out and then started loading the trailer.

People think that video games are useless. I'm here to tell you that my Tetris skills came in super handy packing things up. I fit my mattress and all my belongings minus any furniture. I left no space in the whole thing. Seriously. No space. Nothing moved at all.

All of this was done between 10a and 9p with about 2 hours of sleep. Mom and I did a majority of it and Mike helped out for the last couple of hours. Throughout the day, I was checking email and more drama came in, but I didn't have the time to address it since I was packing my computer up as well. After all that, the three of us met up with my friend, Cat, do grab some dinner at Studio City Cafe which is where Killer Shrimp used to be and is now run by Jinky's. Jinky's is a great little American cafe type place that serves breakfast all day.

After our tummy's were all full, mom and I drove the trailer out to my cousin's place in Monrovia. That is about 15-20 miles east of where I live. I let mom drive as the lack of sleep and driving with a trailer might be a bad idea for me to do. We got there and I showed off my packing job. Nothing moved after that much driving. See, video games are worth playing!

We unhooked the trailer and mom got a tour of their house. They have been doing major renovations and the place looks great. I left my computer at his place and he hooked his computer up with mine and we exchanged music as a thank you for letting me keep my stuff there. This is why the lack of updates on my blog for so long. After that we drove home and I was able to get about 6 hours of sleep.

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