Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Last Friday in LA

Friday morning started bright and early. My friend, Cat, offered to give us a tour of the Warner Brother's lot, but we needed to be there at 9a. She's a writer for "Supernatural" coming back this fall on the CW - check local listings. Pictured below - she is the one who is not me:

Mom and I met her there and were in the middle of looking at Star's Hollow from the "Gilmore Girls" when Out of the Closet called to say they would be at my apartment in 20 minutes to pick up my remaining furniture.

I left mom with Cat and headed back to my place. They showed up about 5 mins after I got there. They took my matching couch and love seat, my dresser and my end tables. They left behind my sleeper couch and entertainment center.

I met back up with them at Warner's. We wandered over to the museum and on the way found the Buy More store. Buy More is from the series "Chuck" on NBC also coming back this fall - check local listings. It's where they work.

At the museum, I said my goodbyes to Cat who had to go back to work. She wouldn't be coming to the wedding so that would be the last time I would see her until she visits here in Seattle.

The museum had lots of costumes and props of various things on the first floor and the second floor is all Harry Potter stuff. You can get sorted by the sorting hat. It called me a "Weasley" and put me in Griffindor. Mom got Griffindor as well.

After that, we hurried over to my old work and said some goodbyes there. Unfortunately, by the time we got there is was lunchtime and didn't see many people. I did get to say goodbye to Elvie who I will see again when she comes to visit.

After that we headed over to my friend, Jen Chapman, who works for Reelz Channel. Reelz Channel is like ESPN for movies. Ask your cable provider for the channel today! Pictured below - she is also the one that is not me:

We got to see her office and where they shoot and edit their shows. Then headed over to Wokano for some lunch and snuggling as this is where I needed to say goodbye to her until she comes and visits.

After that, we headed back to the apartment around 4p and started packing the remaining items. I grossly underestimated the amount of stuff that needed to be packed and organized. We ended up putting a lot of stuff in a freebie pile in my apartment for my neighbors to pick through. One of them took a bunch of stuff and was all excited about taking my poster of "Miracle." By the time we packed everything up and got out of there it was 11:30p and we hadn't eaten in hours. We grabbed some McDonald's and headed down to Irvine to check into our hotel.

We got a little lost as my dumb ass didn't get directions to the hotel. I just had directions to the wedding which was near the hotel. So mom was driving and was worried we were going to get pulled over for having the car packed to the gills and blocking the rear window. We were pulled over, but not for that. Mom thought she had pulled over to a non-lane when really she was stopped in the middle of the road. We told the policeman we were lost and he got us back on the freeway.

We finally pulled into the hotel around 1:30a. This was a nice hotel and the bed was very soft and I was asleep in a matter of seconds.

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