Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Last Saturday in LA

My lease on my LA apartment ended on the 1st and the lease on my Seattle apartment started on the 4th so at this point, I am technically homeless and unemployed.

We slept in for the first time since mom got in. We eventually got up and headed to the mall because I realized the pants I was planning on wearing to James and Weena's wedding that night were sealed in a plastic bag buried in the U-Haul parked at my cousin's house.

We wandered into a Torrid store which is plus size girl store that is a spin off of Hot Topic. Now the wedding request was no black which is pretty much all the store had expect for one cute blue jean skirt which totally worked. After that mom and I went to the Yard House for lunch. We got a server who told us he was being trained by the guy standing next to him. I said "If you're being trained, where is the squirt bottle and rolled up newspaper?" He looked blankly and he said "Dude, that's just not right." His trainer laughed. The food was great.

We headed back to the hotel for showering, prepping and napping. Not necessarily in that order. I got ready first and then headed down to hang out with Andy, Theresa and Ace in their room while mom got ready. They had arranged for a shuttle to take us to the wedding so at 4:45p we all piled in.

We hung out and waited for everyone to show up and the ceremony to start. It was very pretty and totally lovely. Here are some of my favorite photos I was able to take:

The last one is of my little cousin, Sammie. She didn't want to have anything to do with me at first and then she only wanted to play with me for the rest of the wedding. We played a lot in the flower pedals.

The reception was inside at the same location. Mom and I sat with Mike and a few of James and Weena's friends. I didn't spend too much time at the table because Sammie kept taking me outside to play.

Part of the ceremony during the reception was that we each got to take a shell, fill it with blessed water, pour it over both of their hands and give them a blessing or some words of advice. The only thing I could think of to say was "A plague of happiness on both your houses."

Our friend, Tony, was the DJ and spun the tunes. No one wanted to get out on the dance floor until they played "Baby Got Back" and Theresa, Kim, Sammie and I went out there to dance. The tequila sunrises I was drinking helped. Although, they weren't that strong and I was dancing a lot so I barely got a buzz.

The rest of the reception was spent on the dance floor or outside playing with Sammie until cake time. James' mom made the cake and she makes the best cake. While all of her cakes are awesome, it is her carrot cake that makes the best impression. Sooooo goooood.

Everyone had to be out of there at 11p so we left and picked things up at the hotel bar. We hung out there and I was exhausted. Mom went to bed early and I had little Sammie passed out on me. We hung out for a while and eventually I had to say good bye to Mike which was sad. Then I came in and latched on to Andy and Theresa because it dawned on me I would have to say good bye to them at some point too. Eventually, I got too tired and had to force myself to say good bye and go to bed. It was sad. I went up to my room and was sound asleep in a matter of minutes.

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Jennifer said...

"If you're being trained, where is the squirt bottle and rolled up newspaper?" Hi-Freaking-Larious. I just spit out my tea.

OMG how I miss you. :(