Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to the neighborhood!

My new apartment is in Seattle, but the neighborhood is actually called "Green Lake." Unlike Toluca Lake, where I leave now, it actually has a real lake.

Here are some stats about it:

Green Lake is in north central Seattle. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is a glacial lake, its basin having been dug 50,000 years ago by the Vashon glacier. In 1855, David Phillips surveyed and named it. In 1869, Erhart "Green Lake John" Seifried settled there. In 1891, it was annexed to Seattle. In 1910, Carnegie built the main library. In 1927, they built a bath house that is now used for various play performances. In 1929, the community center/field house was built. In 1955, an Olympic size indoor swimming pool was added.

There is a 2.8 mile paved path around the lake with lanes divided for people on foot or on wheels. The lake itself can be used to swim, paddle boat, canoe, row boat or wind surf.

My apartment is closest to the community center that has the indoor pool and tons of classes including pottery, fencing, hula dancing, cooking classes, etc. I could go on and on and on about all the classes I want to take, but I'll wait until I actually sign up for them.

Did I mention that the park is two blocks away and I'm a total of three blocks away from the actual water?

Here are quick photos I snapped which aren't very good. I hope to have better ones once I get up there.

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