Saturday, June 14, 2008

The sky is falling...

I've not told part of my brain that we're moving to Seattle yet. Been speaking in code around it, but I think it's starting to catch on. It sort of just screamed out "we're not going to work here anymore!" and then fainted. This is only going to get worse as it gets closer. I'm going to keep that part sedated for a while. I'll wait until certain things like a job and an apartment are in place before I wake it up. It tends to be the part that freaks out easily. There was this one time when an apple fell on it's head...good times.

Yesterday, I handed off all my crisis management floor leader duties to my co-worker. It took me a week to gather all my stuff up and note all the things she needed to know about it. She will be a great floor leader and wield the power beneviolently (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose. It's a perfectly cromulent word). It was a little more traumatizing than I thought it would be.

I bequeathed her the walkie talkie, dressed her in the bright orange vest of power and dubbed her with the binder of doom. Much like I was three and half years ago. *sniff*

So here ends four and half years of service on the crisis management team. I wanted to hand it off early in case their were transition issues and in case I need to leave earlier than expected.


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