Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Simple Things...

I've been trying to do a little packing or at least something related to the move every day. I have a far amount of boxes packed up so far. I packed up a lot of my DVDs that I know I won't be watching between now and when I leave, my baking sheet and cupcake sheets, all my books (graphic and regular), but it still didn't seem like I was really moving.

That is until I packed up one thing and then suddenly it seemed real and not only to me, but to my roommate as well. The simplest of things. I took all the magnets off my fridge. Seems silly right? I don't know if it's because I see them everyday or that the fridge seems bare without them. No matter how many boxes I trip over or how many vacuum seal bags of clothes I shrink, nothing has seemed more like I'm leaving than that.

I think the next big thing will be getting rid of the entertainment center. No matter what roommate was here that monstrosity has not moved. I think that will freak me out the most as will all my friends that have just become accustomed to it being as much apart of the apartment as the walls.

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