Monday, June 9, 2008

How to Behave at a Movie Premiere…or not

Due to awesome friends, I scored a ticket to the green carpet premiere of the new “Hulk” movie at Universal. Didn’t have a lot of warning and ended up going in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. This is my fourth movie premiere (“In Dreams,” “War of the Worlds,” “Elizabeth: Golden Age”) and my third time walking the carpet in jeans.

At the premiere, there were tons of celebrities and I was able to see a few of them: Seth Green, Jon Faverau, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy) and a bunch of others that I recognized, but no idea what their names are. I saw all of them either walking in or at the food area before the movie. Others were there like Ed Norton, Liv Tyler, etc., but I didn't see them.

My friend Mike and I head into the theater and headed to our seats. As I am walking down the stairs, I spot Edgar Wright and stop dead in my tracks. I am a huge fan of Edgar’s directing since his BBC show “Spaced” and then “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” I’ve seen him a few times and never had the chance to say anything. I’ve had my little speech all practiced. I really hate bothering people so I wanted to get in, say something and get out.

The bundle of nerves that I was, managed to introduce myself, say I was a fan of "Spaced" since my bootlegs, he mentioned it’s coming out legally here and I said I can’t wait to buy it, I said I’d seen him a few times at the Arclight and always managed to not say hello. Now here is where in my rehearsed speech I was going to turn to walk away and turn back and say thank you and leave on that note. Instead, my friend was blocking my exit and then thought he’d help me by asking how I was able to watch them. I said Xbox and try to make my escape. Not what I planned, but he thought he was helping.

I was pleased with the fact I managed to get up enough nerve to say something so, of course, minutes later and in front of the entire Universal theater, I managed to spill my entire bucket of popcorn in the aisle. Dead center in the main walk way above the orchestra seats to a ¾ filled theater.

I hope that Edgar at least thinks it’s cute that I was that nervous over him and not avoid the Arclight because I mentioned I’ve seen him there. I had no interest in speaking to anyone else so I managed to not bumble my way through any other introductions or spill anything else.

The movie itself was awesome and a whole lot of fun. I would say that it is on par with “Ironman” and I look forward to seeing it again and this time giving them my money. I won’t say too much more because everyone should see it and I am notorious for revealing too much. It is good and it is okay to raise your expectations.

Here is a picture of the ever adorable Edgar Wright I took at Comicon two years ago:

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