Monday, June 16, 2008

When Geeks Pack...

I reserved my U-Haul trailer this weekend. I paid the $50 deposit to order the hitch. When it's in, I'll bring my car in for them to install it and then pick up the trailer the Thursday before I leave. My car can only tow the medium size trailer so that means I will definitely be selling all my furniture. I'm going to try and keep my mattress and bring my dining room table. My table can be taken apart easily. Putting it back together is a whole different story. It's all going to come down to my mad Tetris skillz as to how much stuff I'm going to be able to take with me. Thankfully, I am a Tetris master.

Speaking of Tetris, I think I am going to hook up my old school Nintendo when I unpack everything. It's been sitting in it's original box for a long, long time now. I used my confirmation money in 8th grade to buy it. It was a $150 in 1990. I miss playing Tetris, Marble Madness and the original Super Mario Brothers. Now as technology improves I can use compressed air instead of blowing on it when the cartridge won't load. Good times.

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kizambo said...

Watch out for UHaul. I've moved in the summer a couple times and they have not had the truck/tow I ordered available - they overbook in order to make max $. Super weak sauce when you've got to gityerass outta a place pronto. Budget, however, is now my first choice (just in case you need a second!). Good luck with the move! - Mel H.