Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TED: JJ Abrams - The Mystery Box

In March 2007, JJ Abrams spoke at TED. JJ Abrams is most known for creating "Lost" and "Alias" as well as directing "Mission Impossible 3." Here he talks about why he is so in love with mystery and where that love comes from. It also shows how creative and funny the man is. I've been a big fan of JJ's for a long time and this just gave me that much insight as to how he thinks. Hope you enjoy this as well.

I thought he explained really well as to how technology should be used in movies and television to enhance the characters and the plot and not for the sake of technology. The example of why "Jaws" is the such a great movie and not because of the giant shark, but because you get invested in the characters. Is that really so hard for movies to do these days?

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