Friday, April 11, 2008

Posing with Pictures: Simplicity

In an effort to bring you, my dear readers, more content, I thought I would randomly choose some photos I've taken and show them off. I'll give a little backstory, make a little love and get down tonight. All of the photos were shot on my pride and joy also known as a Canon Powershot S1. It's a point and shoot camera that has a zoom that just rocks my world.

I was at In'n'Out fast food restaurant with my camera playing around taking random photos. I snapped this one and really like it. I like the two shades of white (the white of the table and the white of the cup). I like how the reflection of the sky and trees outside are subtle. I like how my friend, who didn't have his glasses on and squinted at it from across the room, thought it was a velicorapter dinosaur. If you squint at the reflect part of the picture, I think you'll see it too.

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