Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Few Things

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything up for eleven days. I worked on a film festival that completely wiped me out and it took me much longer to recover from it then I would have thought. Apparently, I don't bounce back from lack of sleep like I used to.

Now that I am finally rested, I thought I would put add some new stuff. Instead of just posting them up with today's date, I dated them for when I intended to post them. So, you aren't losing your mind, there is nothing wrong with your rss feed, your web browser is refreshing.

So I cheated a little. I figured I would narc on myself before anyone else could. I'm getting back on schedule now.

*in Stephen Colbert voice* Moving on...

I wanted to direct your attention to the right of the screen. I have added links to some of my friend's blogs and/or websites. If you would like me to add yours, drop me an email. If there is anything wrong with the link, drop me an email. If you don't like the blogs themselves, drop them an email.

I have also heard a few people are having problems with the comment section. I apologize for that. Drop me an email and let me know if it still isn't working. I hope it was just a minor glitch. I do appreciate your comments snarky as most of them tend to be.

Thank you all for coming here and reading my ramblings! I will try to have at least two to three posts a week for you.

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