Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fitness Adventures: Part 3: The Plan

Nerd Fitness has a 6 Week Challenge that starts Feb. 24th and goes to April 6th. Here is how it works:

  1. Pick your Main Quest - where do you want to be in a few months?
  2. Pick three incredibly specific goals (diet and fitness related) that will help you achieve your Main Quest
  1. Life Side Quest: A quest not related to diet and fitness that will help level up your life
  1. Write on a piece of paper why you're doing this challenge and why you want to level up your life.  Hang it up somewhere that you see it every day, and take a photo of it and upload it to your challenge thread.  If you can't take a photo, writing it out will be fine.
 So here's mine:
School Selfie: The next slide will show...
  1. Over the next 6 weeks, I would like to healthily drop one size which is roughly about 10-15 pounds for me.
  2. In order to accomplish this, I plan to:
  • Stick to my diet (I am doing 4 Hour Body diet aka Slow Carb diet)
  • Go to the gym 4x a week (stretch/cardio every day and slowly add in weights)
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night.
  • Read 10 books via audiobook, ebook and regular book. 2 of them need to be non-fiction because I tend to be more of a fiction girl and 2 need to be a classic because I tend to read newer stuff.

What I want to do is get into shape to start fencing, but in order to do that, I need to lose roughly 85-100 pounds. This would put me at what I was in high school when I used to fence. I love the sound of swords clashing ever since I was a kid. The last time I lost weight was the freak out I had before turning 30. I lost 60 pounds, but over the last 7.5 years, I have since put it all back on. I didn't have a long term goal. It was all about my birthday. There was nothing beyond that. I think this time having a hard goal will be better and then once I am fencing, then setting the new goals of getting better at fencing will keep me motivated. It also isn't just about losing weight, but getting into shape enough to survive those classes which will be brutal in the best way.

Next Up: The threads where you post your progress are called "Battle Logs." I will be putting my "Battle Logs" up on this blog for the previous week.

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