Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fitness Adventures: Battle Log - Week 4

MY MAIN QUEST:  Over the next 6 weeks, I would like to healthly drop one size which is roughly about 10-15 pounds for me. In order to accomplish this, I plan to:
  • Stick to my diet (I am doing 4 Hour Body diet)
  • Go to the gym 4x a week (stretch/cardio every day and slowly add in weights)
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a night.
  • Read 10 books via audiobook, ebook and regular book. 2 of them need to be non-fiction because I tend to be more of a fiction girl and 2 need to be a classic because I tend to read newer stuff.
Friday Selfie: Visit Mars. Satisfy Your Curiosity
Monday (Day 22):
  • Good on the diet (according to my UP app), calories consumed:1266
  • Went to the gym and (according to my UP app) moved a total of 11,095 steps
  • Slept 7 hours and 37 minutes (according to my UP app)
Tuesday (Day 23):
  • Good on the diet, calories consumed: 955
  • Went to the gym and moved a total of 11,269 steps
  • Slept 7 hours and 7 minutes
Wednesday (Day 24):
  • Good on the diet, calories consumed:1030
  • Went to the gym, but swam 10 laps with a kick board in lieu of regular routine and moved a total of 5,567
  • Slept 6 hours and 52 minutes (close, but no cigar)
Thursday (Day 25):
  • Good on the diet, calories consumed:1145
  • Went to the gym and moved a total of 7,829 steps
  • Slept 6 hours and 55 minutes (missed it by that much)
Friday (Day 26):
  • Good on the diet, calories consumed:1125
  • Didn't go to the gym, but moved a total of 10,546 steps
  • Slept 7 hours and 48 minutes
Saturday (Day 27):
  • I didn't track calories. I was good and only had 2 slices of peperoni pizza as my cheat meal.
  • No gym moved a total of 6,984 steps
  • Slept 6 hours and 57 minutes (and yet again)
Sunday (Day 28):
  • Went to brunch thinking they would have lunch option, but they didn't. I had oatmeal and fruit thinking this was my best option and then for lunch, I did sushi, but kept it light. I did my best with the options I had.
  • No gym, but moved a total of 7,602  steps
  • Slept 8 hours and 2 minutes 
MY SIDE QUEST (8/10 done) (3/2 classics) (2/2 Non-Fic)
  • I finished "Jude The Obscure" by Thomas Hardy (audiobook) which is on the BBC Big Reads list [I recommend, if you like sad endings]
  • I started The Count of Monte Cristo  by Alexandre Dumas (audiobook) which will take me all of next week (32 discs and 43 hours of listening)
  • I have started "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich (Kindle)
 End of the week recap:
  • Good on the eating. Weekends seem to be the most challenging. Next weekend will be extra hard with photographing Emerald City Comicon for 3 days.
  • All four days at the gym this week
  • Met sleep goal on 4/7 days. I have no real reason as to why I missed it.
  • On track for reading. 
  • I have lost 17 pounds total.
  • This week measurements DECREASED by:
    • Waist - .5"
    • Hips - No Change
    • Bust - (Increased .5")
    • Underbust - .5"
  • Grand Total Measurements DECREASED by:
    • Waist - 1.5"
    • Hips - 2"
    • Bust - 2"
    • Underbust - 2.5"

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