Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Medical Adventures: 6 Month Follow Up

Last week I had my yearly physical, which coincides with my 6 month thyroid follow up. I mentioned that I've been bounced the last few times I tried to give blood because my iron levels were too low.  I mentioned the ungodly headaches/migraines and Doc said they were tension based. She recommended a physical therapy place that specializes in that very thing. I have dubbed it "Headache Camp." It's like "Fat Camp" only more fun, I'm sure. I have to make an appointment this week. Aside from that, everything is good.

So, the vampires drained me and tested my thyroid and iron levels. I got the test back the following week. My iron is on the low side so I need to take an over the counter iron pill with a vitamin c pill so it can absorb better. My thyroid levels have all crept up in the last 6 months. My normal doc said "no worries and we will just check again in 6 months." I checked with my endocrinologist and she said I needed to go on a low dose of thyroid meds for 6 weeks. In 6 weeks, I will follow up with her and we will go from there. The meds will increase my energy and metabolism so I am super happy about that. Yay for energy!

Now, here is where my life becomes an SAT question.

Kathy needs to take a thyroid pill, an iron pill and a vitamin C pill. All three pills need to taken on an empty stomach and no food for an hour afterward. However, the iron pill cannot be taken with the thyroid pill. They need to be a minimum of 4 hours apart because iron, calcium and other multivitamins cock block the thyroid meds from being absorbed in the body properly. The vitamin C pill can be taken with the thyroid pill, but the point of the vitamin C is to be a wingman for the iron. There is no official amount of time to ensure an "empty stomach" because it depends on your metabolism and the food you are eating. When should Kathy take her pills?

a) Kathy should set an alarm to wake up 4 hours before her normal wake up time, take her thyroid pill, go back to sleep, wake up at normal time, take the iron and vitamin C and then eat a healthy breakfast an hour later

b) Kathy should take her thyroid pill when she wakes up, eat a healthy breakfast and hour later, eat dinner 4 hours before bed and take her iron and vitamin c before bed

c) Kathy should take her thyroid pill when she wakes up, not eat for 4 hours, take her iron and vitamin c pills and wait an hour before eating for the first time that day

d) Kathy should take them together and ignore the pharmacist and the endocrinologist because her other friends take them together and they are fine.

e) An alternative solution Kathy has not figured out.

This is why I scored a low on my SATs. Ummm...I'm going with b) for now.

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