Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chemistry is Weird

I am not an avid coffee drinker. I drink it off and on. If it is at home, it is Dunkin Donuts brand with cream and sugar. If I'm out and about, it is an Americano with cream and sugar.

I use A LOT of sugar. I made a perfect cup of coffee and measured everything out to see how much sugar I was actually putting in so I could slowly lower it out over time. It was A LOT. I'll tell you how much, but you will be horrified. Okay. Prepared? Ready? 12 teaspoons and/or packets. Okay. Stop freaking out. I've been slowly lowering it. I've gotten it down to 7. Seriously. I warned you.

So the point of this blog is because I discovered something. In "4 Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss, he recommends losing the cream all together because even a splash can make a difference. He recommended using cinnamon instead. I could not imagine how putting cinnamon in my coffee would replace cream. It doesn't even make sense.

However, I tried it because other people know more than me and what could it hurt?

Dude. Seriously. Not only did I not need cream, I only needed 2.5 sugars. I'm not even a big cinnamon fan.

So if you are looking to cut down on your sugar or eliminate your cream, I recommend cinnamon!

Thank you, Tim Ferris!

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