Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resolutions for 2012

Back-story: Every year I try to do resolutions for the New Year and every year, I don't get where I want to be. Reasons for past failures: not specific enough, not measurable, unrealistic, no real hard deadlines, no accountability, etc. I have tried: publishing them on a blog, making them baby steps to a bigger goal, setting deadlines, etc. I need to try a new tactic. Tim Ferriss (author of 4 Hour Week, 4 Hour Body) has his best friend make his resolutions for him and vice versa. Couple that with Chris Hardwick's ideas in The Nerdist Way about treating your life like a D&D game and this is how I came to the below idea.

My Plan: I would like my family and friends to help me come up with 10 resolutions. I will take suggestions and do the top 10 best goals (assuming they give me that many) in return, if I pick theirs, they get to harass, torture and pester me to keep on track...or encourage, if that is their thing. If there are some really great ones I can't narrow down, I will have a vote. I have my own goals I'll be doing as well, but I'm hoping they can keep me on a track with these.


  • They must be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).
  • I would like these to be accomplished by July 1st and then I will do mid-year resolutions if this works out.
  • I am not jumping out of an airplane or doing anything I normally would never do. However, I am willing to leave my comfort zone.
  • They can be positive or negative goals (i.e. read 5 books or don't eat out more than once a week).
  • They can submit more than one goal.

Categories for you to use in coming up with ideas:

  • Finance (saving/being more frugal)
  • Health (weight loss goals are the part of the main adventure. These are for side quests)
  • Brain (reading/learning/etc)
  • Writing (Non-fic only. I am not a Fiction Writer)
  • Photography (non-homework related)
  • Social (doing more with friends, writing letters, thank you cards, etc)
  • Exploring Seattle
  • Travel or Misc (Being Girlier, expanding music knowledge, using etc less, etc.)

Things to keep in mind:

  • I work 3:30p to midnight.
  • Starting in Feb. I will be taking 2 MFA classes in Photography while still working full time.
  • I do need to sleep.
  • I can listen to stuff while I work.
  • I will keep you all updated on the goals as well as the people who came up for that specific goal.

My family and friends are awesome and very creative. I look forward to seeing what they come up with and I am totally willing to do the same if they want to do this style as well.

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