Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Wacky Brain

Sometimes, my brain likes to do random things.

Wait, before I get to that, I should explain how I imagine my brain works. A long time ago, in a magical kingdom in Florida, I went to the Wonders of Life Pavillion.There I saw something called, "Cranium Command." I posted the videos below so you know what I'm talking about. However, they are long and um...dated.

"Cranium Command" was kind of like Herman's Head meets Innerspace. All the major body parts were played by actors/characters. The stomach was George Wendt (Norm from "Cheers"), the heart muscles were Hanz & Franz (Dana Carvey and Keven Nelon, respectively, playing characters from Saturday night live), the adrenal gland was Bobcat Goldthwait, etc. The left brain was played by Charles Grodin and the right brain by Jon Lovitz. This is how I view my brain.

I picture Charles Grodin in a suit behind a desk whenever I do left brain things like bills, math, organizing, etc. I picture Jon Loviz in his flannel PJS in an art room whenever I do creative stuff. If I do anything too left brain, my right brain will amuse itself my torturing my left brain. I am convinced the reason I am bad at math is because when my left brain is crunching the numbers, my right brain is just yelling out random numbers. It also likes doing things like singing random songs on a loop. This is why I listen to music or watch movies when I'm trying to get stuff done.

Now, that you have a visual of the inside of my brain. I can tell you the following story.

Even though I have a queen size bed, I always sleep on the same side. On the other side, I have a full length pillow I either sleep on or next to. I sleep with a sheet, then a blanket and a comforter on top. Tuesday night, I randomly decided to switch sides. I moved the pillow to the other side and went to sleep. In the morning, I woke up and noticed that not only is the pillow back to where it normally is and I on my side of the bed, but my covers are flipped with the sheet on top.

Here is what I think happened. Once I drifted off to sleep (which my left brain undoubtly handled), it suddenly realized that everything was backwards. It immediately draws the conclusion that this was a right brain idea. My right brain was busy filling my head with dreams to defend itself. My left brain managed to coordinated all my limbs and flipped everything so that the status quo would be preserved. Since it has no imagination, it just flips everything not realizing the covers didn't need to be flipped. I completely visualize Charles Grodin freaking out doing all of this.

Yes, I realize I am strange, but if you had Charles Grodin and Jon Lovitz arguing all the time in your brain, you'd be strange too.

Here are the "Cranium Command" videos if you want a better visual on what I was describing:

And the Midnight Run trailer because it is filled with Charles Grodin goodness:

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