Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Month in Netflix

Veronica Mars: Season 1
I never watched this when it was on, but everyone loved it. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It's a mix of Dawson's Creek (teens acting like adults), Buffy (one girl to save them all), Gilmore Girls (pop culture high speed banter) and Psych (crime solving with pop culture banter). The first season is about her trying to figure out her murdered her best friend. As she investigates, her classmates all seem to need her P.I. Detective skills she has from helping her dad. They do a lot of flashbacks to explain back story and fill the season with red herrings so until it is revealed just about everyone could have been the one who killed her. Despite its at time highly ridiculous story lines, it was addictive and I found myself watching episodes on Netflix instant instead of waiting for the next disc to arrive.

Veronica Mars: Season 2
More of the same with a few things wrapped up from Season 1. This season revolves around a school bus crash that Veronica almost was on. She spends have the season thinking that she was the intended target. Like the first season, it is filled with red herrings so much so you rule everyone she thinks it is out. This season did have some fun with cameos. Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith were both huge fans of the show and played a rental car clerk and a gas station clerk, respectively. Steve Guttenberg plays the newly elected mayor and was great at being both friendly and creepy at the same time.

There is only one season left which is on its way to me now. I have no idea what the main mystery is, but she has graduated from high school so onto college as a backdrop. I'll be curious to see which minor characters follow her to college.

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