Thursday, December 16, 2010


Zynga created a Facebook game called "Farmville" a few years ago and addicted millions. From there, there created a seemingly endless amount of games including "Mafia Wars," "Frontierville, " "Treasure Isle," "Cafe World" and "Vampire Wars."

I played Farmville until it got too big for its own good. I played Treasure Isle until I got bored. Currently, I'm playing Frontierville which I still enjoy.

Their latest game is called Cityville. This is the closest any of their games have come to the Sims. Enough that I'm sure if they aren't working with them, then they have an awesome lawsuit on their hands.

Why is this game worth mentioning? Because I'm allowed to name the town and all the businesses. I decided to have some fun with it. The default was "Kathy's Town." Weak sauce. I can do better. I thought for a second and then named it "Soylent Green" since the city is made of people.

From here all my businesses had a theme, which started with Mrs. Lovett's Bakery (Sweeney Todd reference), Oregon Trail Bike Shop (Donner Party/video game reference), Alfred Packer's Coffee Shop (Cannibal: The musical! reference), Nightmare Cafeteria Burger Joint (Simpson reference) and Overlord Game Shop (Jonathan Coulton song reference**).

I have to wait to expand to the other side of the train tracks so I can open a restaurant next to the station - Whistle Stop Cafe (Fried Green Tomatoes reference). I don't think they let me name the schools otherwise it would be Rod Serling Elementary and Alfred Hitchcock High School. I really wish they would let me give the police a motto because it would be "To Serve Man." If there is a book store, it will be "It's a...It's a Bookstore!" (Twilight Zone reference)

I am open to any other suggestions that follow the theme of yummy humans.

The game play itself it just kind of okay. At this point, I'm just playing to amuse myself with all references.

** The Jonathan Coulton song is actually called "Chiron Beta Prime." In the song, it mentions soylent green and "Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime, where we're working in a mine for our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I meant protectors. Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime." **

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