Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pre-MFA Freakout #1 - Resolved!

I got my transcripts. My cumulative GPA was 3.466. Phew.

It was a nice reminder of what classes I took.

I went to community college during the summers to get my basic classes done cheaper and faster. I also did some stuff in high school to help that along. This is how I did my BA in 3 years.

I transferred over:

U.S. History to 1865 (Awful teacher. Just read from the textbook)
Social Science I (Awesome teacher. Learned tons)
Social Science II (Awesome teacher. Learned tons)
Intro Microcomputer (So insanely easy. I should have tested out of it.)
Humanities I (Nothing noteworthy)
Creating a TV program (Summer HS program at the school)
Fiction Writing Workshop (Summer HS program at the school)
A.P. History - Got a 4 out of 5 so I got 1 credit of history transferred over.

Basic Classes I took (in order):

English Composition I (B) - I still have the textbook as a reference book
Science Film Seminar (B) - we watched science films and this counted as a science credit
English Composition II (A) - Unmemorable
The Science of Acoustics I (C) - closest I got to a math class - hence the "C"
Tai Chi Chuan: Beginning (B) - A general elective class. Seriously.
Space Exploration (C) - a science/math class...again with the "C"
Biology: Coffee, Chocolate, Sugar & Spice (C) - a science/math class...again with the "C," but I learned tons in this class. It was an awesome class.
The 1960s (A) - History class. Teacher was cool. Anti-hippy.
Leadership I (B) - General Elective class. Really cool class taught through the marketing department.
Basic Public Speaking (A) - General Elective class
Introduction to Sociology (A) - Unmemorable
Humanity Topics: Creative People (B) - General Elective class. Interesting class. Still have the text book.
Biology of Human Sexuality (A) - Yes, yes, a science math class I aced. Feel free to snicker.

Film Classes I took (in order):
Film Tech I (B) - Terrible teacher and learned I didn't want to be a director very quickly.
History of Cinema (B) - Got lots of sleep in class during the movies I had already seen
Film Tech II (A) - Great teacher and learned a lot about "The Graduate"
Aesthetics of Film & Video (A) - Fun teacher
Special Effects & Post Production Sound (A) - Basically lived in the sound dept. after that
Assistant Director Workshop (A) - teacher became my mentor. Most influential class ever.
Video Production I (B) - Just okay class.
Music, Sound Effects & the Mix (A) - another awesome class
Screenwriting I (B) - I adapted the Catbird Seat for my final. A year later my teacher saw me in the hall and said she finally read the original story and she should have given me an "A."
Production Manager/Film Producing (A) - with my mentor.
Editing for Film/Video (A) - Learned to hate Adobe Premiere and tried to throw computer out 9th story window (true story)
Short Films in Film/Video (A) - Got called a capitalist stuffed shirt in the class.
Video Production II (A) - Learned Avid and accidentally set Erin on fire. Haven't directed since.
American Cinema: Road Movies and the American Dream (B) - Favorite teacher. Awesome class.
American Cinema: Censorship & Movies (A) - Another class with favorite teacher. Awesome class.
Two Visions: Scorsese & Powell (B) - I have a story about this class that would take up a whole blog post (maybe later)
Independent Project (A) - Did pre-production work on a friend's short film
Internship (Pass) - Worked at the Illinois Film Office

My best semester GPA was: 3.812
My worst semester GPA was: 3.0

Not bad considering I was also working part time and working on other people's films as much as possible. I also think I had a bit of a life too. I remember spending a lot of time in bars drinking cherry cokes and eating onion rings with lots of different people. I graduated college before I turned 21 so didn't do much drinking.

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