Monday, December 20, 2010

Class: History of Photography

Here is a bit on my classes. The first one is:

History of Photography

This course explores the history of photography and the impact of photography on the visual arts. The major photographic movements and genres throughout the history of photography will be defined and studied in theoretical and applied terms.
As a result of successfully completing this course, students...
  • Will be able to:

    • Identify major movements in photography: Pictorialism, Photo-Secession, Modernism, and Post-Modernism based on their visual and conceptual elements.
    • Recognize select representatives of these movements based on the visual and aesthetic elements of individual photographs.
    • Describe and discuss the work of select photographers using specific vocabulary and key concepts.
    • Analyze the relationship among evolving technologies, aesthetic developments, and social/ cultural events for each of the major movements of photography.
  • Will be familiar with:

    • Application of photography for fine art, art for commerce, and documentary purposes
    • Cultural context for photography
  • Will display the following attitudes/ professional behaviors:

    • Prepare for and contribute to class discussions and critiques
    • Meet assigned deadlines
    • Uphold the AAU Academic Honesty Policy
    • Interact professionally with peers and the instructor
    • Analyze and discuss course topics using discipline specific terminology
Books Required:
book title
A World History of Photography
Author:Naomi Rosenblum


3rd edition OR 4th edition (Recommended)


book title
Photography in Print: Writings from 1816 to the Present

Author:Vicki Goldberg


Grading Policy

Your performance will be evaluated through a series of quizzes/tests, assignments class participation and projects. The quizzes will be multiple choice and True/False questions relating to key concepts covered each week. We will focus the class around a series of small exercises and one on-going "final" project. Students are required to view and critique each others work in the discussion area.




Participation (Online Discussion)




Midterm Project


Final Project

Class Discussions

Every online class includes a web-based Discussion where you interact with your instructor and classmates. The Discussion simulates traditional classroom discussions, except that participation is asynchronous. This means that you can visit or contribute to the discussion at any time.

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