Friday, December 3, 2010

And the results are in...

After I submitted all the necessary forms, I awaited the results to see if I was officially accepted into the program.

The first response I got was from Abby in Admissions:

"I have received your portfolio documents, thank you! I liked what you put together! I have sent them to the Director for review.
Once I receive your portfolio evaluation, I will call you to discuss registration and which classes the Director is recommending."

Well, Abby liked it so step in the right direction. So I waited 6 days and finally got this from the photography department:

Kathy Bugajsky presented a diverse portfolio of portraits, events, abstractions, and nature photographs. She exhibits sensitivity in using conceptual and compositional elements in her work. This will be a benefit as she enters the MFA Photography program at AAU. As she begins classes, I encourage her to enter with a fresh perspective, to further explore the creative and conceptual aspect of photography, and to be conscious of her use of compositional elements in order to add strength to her imagery. Recommended classes for Spring 2011: PH 603, GS 625, and PH 616. So congratulations again and welcome aboard!

The comments are from Tammara Hubbard who is the associate director of the online photography department. She got her MFA through the same school and is a fine art photographer.

So, I'm officially in!

Next few weeks will be a little bit of everything from me getting ready for school and just randomness in general. Thanks for reading!

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