Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Academy of Art University

Here are some details and links if you want to know more about my school:

"The Master of Fine Arts degree program imparts a high level of digital and traditional photography skill and graduate-level aesthetic theory, and it substantially educates and supports students in their investigation of the applied and fine arts specializations. This is accomplished through the mastery of specific skills according to the student's needs, strong education in relation to relevant theory, emphasis on the student's personal vision, a professional faculty that provides depth as well as breadth of experience, and facilities that provide a professional context for study.

Students have the opportunity to concentrate in the area of photography of specific interest to them learning about core principles related to photography as a medium. Our school supports graduate students in becoming leaders rather than followers in their area of specialization.

Photography courses include a mix of studio courses, individual advisement, and seminars. Strong conceptual and technical knowledge is the underpinning of the curriculum, with a powerful and cohesive final thesis project being the tangible result."

Photography Dept. - Basic Description
Photography School
Photography MFA Details
Graduate Thesis Gallery (A future place for my work)
Grad Students Main Page
General Student Main Page
F.A.Q. about the online classes

I hope that fills in a little more of the general stuff about the school. I'm sure I'll be filling you in on the little stuff about the process as I continue blogging. This will be my new home for 2-3 years at least so feel free to take a look around and enjoy the virtual campus.

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