Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Week In Netflix

Inkheart (2008) Description from Netflix: Unbeknownst to his 12-year-old daughter, Meggie (Eliza Bennett), bookbinder Mo "Silvertongue" Folchart (Brendan Fraser) has a secret ability to bring characters to life by reading their stories out loud. But when the wicked Capricorn (Andy Serkis) comes after her father, Meggie must rescue him. Paul Bettany, Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren co-star in this enchanting fantasy based on the best-selling children's novel by Cornelia Funke.

I liked this a lot. More adult friendly than Journey to the Center of the Earth, but not as good as Stardust. I recommend checking it out.

People Like Us: The Complete Series (2-Disc Series) (1999) Description from Netflix: In this BBC mockumentary series, filmmaker Roy Mallard (a fictional character played to the letter by Chris Langham) traipses around England to interview a variety of everyday people, from pilots to doctors to vicars. The result is a hilariously deadpan meditation on the "skilled" professionals who make the world go 'round, with appearances from well-known actors such as Bill Nighy, David Tennant and Jessica Hynes.

Bloody BRILLIANT! I could not stop giggling through all the episodes. You seriously need to check it out. The dry sense of humor is just perfectly delivered. Bill Nighly and David Tennant were great as the photographer and the actor, respectively. The best part is the documentarian keeps getting in the way.

State of Play (2009) Description from Netflix: When his mistress is found dead, Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) tries desperately to protect his name and career. As journalists Cal (Russell Crowe) and Della (Rachel McAdams) investigate further, they uncover an intricate web of lies that stretches to the highest levels of power. Based on the critically acclaimed BBC miniseries, this intriguing political thriller co-stars Helen Mirren, Robin Wright Penn and Jason Bateman.

A nice little intertwined thriller. All kinds of twists and turns with such a great cast. I need to add the BBC version to my queue now.

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