Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taking Woodstock

Description from Netflix: A thirtysomething man (Demetri Martin) finds his life forever changed in the summer of 1969 when he offers up his parents' motel in the Catskills as a home base for Woodstock organizers and helps the show go on by donating an all-important music festival permit. Ang Lee directs this fresh take on 1960s counterculture based on Elliot Tiber's memoir by the same name. Eugene Levy, Imelda Staunton, Emile Hirsch and Jeffrey Dean Morgan co-star.

Another disappointment. Ang Lee was a little too accurate in his movie skills and paced it like a movie from the 1960s. This movie dragged a lot and felt twice as long as it actually was.

There were weird character developments and no music from that era. You never see the concert except from way up on the hill. Everyone did a great job acting wise especially Demetri who is great on Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

I can't say I recommend seeing it in the theater. It's a rental at best.