Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finished the C's

Cannibal!: The Musical (Movie is terrible, but the music and commentary track is awesome)
Can't Buy Me Love (Patrick Dempsey at his high school finest)
Can't Hardly Wait (Guilty Pleasure and closest thing to a John Hughes movie in years)
Casino Royale (I like the new Bond)
Chaplin (This movie still rocks and shows Robert Downey, Jr. has always been able to act)
Charlie's Angels (Total guilty pleasure)
Chasing Amy (Still my favorite Kevin Smith film)
Chicago (Hate the characters, love the music)
A Christmas Story (Classic even in July)
Clerks (still quotable)
Clerks 2 (I liked it more after watching it back to back with the original)
Clue (I miss Madeline Khan)
Clueless (Great adaptation of Jane Austen)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (A forgotten gem everyone should see)
Constantine (Jason Stratham would have been a better choice, but still a good movie)
Crazy People (Hello, Hello, Hello, what a wonderful word Hello)
Crimson Tide (Great movie)
Cruel Intentions (Guilty Pleasure)
The Cutting Edge (Toe Pick!)

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