Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twilight Zone Marathon

Usually on a holiday Scifi Channel or another channel will run a "Twilight Zone" marathon. Even in the Christmas episode of "Chuck" they reference this annual event. Sometimes it's Christmas, sometimes it is Memorial Day, but, regardless, you find yourself spending the day with Rod Sterling. I decided to put together my own programming if I were to get to chose the episodes. Here are my favorite "Twilight Zone" episodes in order with what number episode they are (descriptions from Wikipedia):

"A World of His Own
” – 36 - A playwright has the power to create what he describes on his recording machine.

To Serve Man” – 89 - An alien race arrives on earth with a promise to help solve mankind's problems.

The After Hours” – 34 - Marsha White is a woman browsing for a gift for her mother in a department store. She ends up finding out that she's not the person she thinks she is.

The Eye of the Beholder” – 42 - A woman undergoes surgery on her face in order to look like everybody else.

Time Enough At Last” – 8 - A man who loves to read survives a nuclear explosion.

Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up” – 64 - A group of bus travelers find that there is an extra person when they stop at a diner.

The Thirty Fathom Grave” – 104 - A Navy destroyer in 1963 discovers a sunken World War II submarine on the ocean floor that's making noise.

“Living Doll” – 126 - A girl receives a talking doll that has a life of its own.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” – 22 - At the sound of the roar and the flash of light, neighbors whose contact with the outside world is mysteriously cut off begin to suspect each other of being aliens.

Stop Over in Quiet Town” – 150 - A married couple wake up alone in a deserted strange town after leaving a party the night before.

Five Characters In Search of an Exit” – 79 - An Army major in dress uniform, a clown, a hobo, a ballet dancer and a bagpiper find themselves in a giant cylinder with no memory of who they are or how they got there.

Nick of Time” – 43 - While on his honeymoon, a man begins to be controlled by the answer cards given by a fortune telling machine.

The Parallel” – 113 - An astronaut blacks out while orbiting the earth and ends up in a parallel universe.

The Howling Man” – 41 - A man traveling in Europe on foot stumbles across a religious order that has trapped the Devil.

The Dummy” – 98 - A ventriloquist is controlled by his dummy.

A Nice Place to Visit” – 28 - A criminal who is killed in a shootout with the police believes that he has made it to heaven.

A Penny For Your Thoughts” – 52 - A man gains the ability to read minds when a coin he flips stands on its edge.

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” – 123 - A man recovering from a nervous breakdown sees a creature on the wing of the airplane he's on.

The Midnight Sun” – 75 - A woman tries to survive as the earth hurtles toward the sun.

A Kind of Stop Watch” – 124 - A man receives a stopwatch, from a stranger in a bar, that can stop time.

I Shot An Arrow Into the Air” – 15 - A manned space flight crash lands on what the astronauts believe to be an unknown asteroid.

Kick the Can” – 86 - A retirement home resident thinks that he has found the secret to youth.

Walking Distance” – 5 – While visiting his boyhood hometown, a middle aged executive finds himself in the past.

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge” – 142 - A Civil War civilian prisoner is about to be hanged from Owl Creek Bridge.

The 1980s Revival Episodes:

I of Newton” – 12 - A professor (Sherman Hemsley) attempting to solve a difficult math problem finds himself matching wits with a demon.

Children’s Zoo” – 3- A girl trades in her parents for new ones.

Button, Button” – 20 - A stranger gives a down-and-out couple a box with a button on it. He states that if they press the button, they would receive a large sum of money but also that someone would die.

The Star” – 13 - On an interstellar journey, far in the future, an astrophysicist and a priest learn they have discovered a long-dead world that has been emitting a signal for eons.

And of course, the movie.

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