Friday, December 26, 2008

Things I Have Learned in 2008

In no particular order, I have learned for myself that:

  • No matter what anyone says about video games, my endless hours of playing Tetris was the biggest help in packing and moving.
  • Gerard Butler fans are creepy and scary.
  • Green Lake is a beautiful place no matter what season it is.
  • iPods do not like cold weather.
  • Watching movies/television shows instantly on Netflix is awesome.
  • I seem to have no sense of my surroundings when taking pictures, but any injury accrued is totally worth it.
  • Sushi is not as scary as it seems, but I am still not eating eel.
  • Being on the set of "Chuck" on the Buy More set was as awesome as it seems.
  • "Middleman" was under-appreciated and deserved more fans.
  • My LA apartment had a vortex in the kitchen that liked to transform items into other items.
  • Club 33 is worth every penny.
  • Embarrassing yourself at a movie premiere is not the end of the world. Side not to that story, Edgar Wright has no memory of this incident and I am grateful.
  • Arm and Hammer's Essentials laundry detergent is awesome.
  • When I'm tired and stressed, my ability to judge how hungry I am doesn't work.
  • I am not a pleasant person to be around when I am hungry, tired and stressed.
  • I have the same taste in music as the person or persons in charge of choosing the music for "Grey's Anatomy."
  • Water aerobics and I are not good friends.

I have learned things from my family and friends, such as:

  • Six seconds in an industrial dryer is a lifetime.
  • Billy Joel doesn't usually ride in limos.
  • Pan flutes prevent the furry death.

Things that I already knew that were re-enforced:
  • My friends are awesome.
  • My former Disney co-workers are awesome.
  • It is still a tie if zombies or robots are going to destroy us all.
  • Tivo is gift from the technology gods to be worshiped and revered.
  • If someone asks you if you are a god, you say yes.
  • Common sense is not that common.
  • People are stupid in earthquakes.
  • Daniel Craig is an awesome James Bond.

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