Wednesday, November 26, 2008

South Park has warped my fragile little mind...

Recently, South Park did a two part episode. The first was called "Pandemic" and the second was "Pandemic 2: The Startling." The episodes can be seen online HERE.

The premise of the episodes without giving anything away is: "Seeing all the Peruvian pan flute bands that have become popular recently, and the money they can make daily by selling CDs, Stan convinces the other boys to start their own pan flute band." (wikipedia)

Of course, things happen. And as Craig in the episode says :"Was there ever a moment, when you had the genius idea of becoming a Peruvian flute band, that you thought, "Hey, ya know, this might backfire."?... No. That never occurs to you guys, 'cause you guys are jerks, and you never learn from your mistakes, and that's why everyone at school thinks you guys are ***holes."

So how did this warp my mind? Well, I was downtown and I saw this:

I couldn't stop laughing. I had never noticed these pan flute bands before and now because of Matt Stone and Trey Parker I was listening and happy they were there because they prevent the...well, you have to see the episode.

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